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Carbon steel butt welding ends and flanged ends are according to API,6D and N.I.G.C. specification.The taper surface are machined and ground carefully.Then,the taper plug is lapped individually with its matching body,providing perfect seating contact.

The surface of plug is heat treated or electroless Nickel plated,then,P.T.F.E coated.Together with the excellent sealant channels designed in the plug and body seat,provide perfect lubrication and protection of seating surfaces against corrosion,erosion or accumulation of solid deposits,in addition of low friction and torque characteristics.

Radiographic examinations are made according to A.P.I recommendation standard acc.to ASTM,E 466 and MSS.SP.54.

Magnetic particle inspection for 100% of bodies .Visual and dimension inspection performed according to MSS.SP.55.


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