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TICHAM M.F.G has started it's production activity from 1984.in 1992 by the development od Gas Transmission Pipeline and consuption of natural gas,throughout the country,we extend our production in gas equipments.

MeterStop taper PlugValves and ServiceTees which are essential devise for any subscriber service line were our first effort which turned to success,then we added gas fittings to our production.Finally we promote our manufactures to steel taper plug valves 2" to 6" welding and flanged ends class 150.For all of our production,we follow related standards and Iran national Gas Company's technical and Engineering Departments recommendation as N.I.G.C. Specification.

During 8 years we prodeced over a milion units of MeterStop taper PlugValves , 250'000 units of Service and Purging Tees , 5'000'000 pieces of Gas fittings also Lubricated steel taper PlugValves.

Our main purchaser are N.I.G.C. and it's province branches.All orders and related documents pass severe and serious quality control by purchaser technical and safety Dep. according to API and N.I.G.C. specification and our quality control Dep.

Quality and safety promotion is our main effort to satisfy users.

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