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Forged Steel Fittings:

Socket-welding , Elbow 90° class 3000 , Size 3/4",1" Elbow 90 seamless,socket welding carbon steel,forged material acc.to ASTM , A 105 butt weld , Maximum carbon content 0.25% . Dimensions , tolerances , marking and other specification acc.to ANSI, B 16.11. Wall thickness according to ANSI. B 36.10.Magnetic particle test and chemical analysis and mechanical test will be effected in accordance with the requirements of purchaser.

Transition Fittings :
Transition Fittings connect polyethylene pipe to steel pipe which includes a compression part to provide leak tightness and resistance to end load.Tansition Fittings are made according to N.I.G.C specification and related international standards.The metallic parts are assembled to metallic pipe by welded connection according to API-1104. Steel parts, are line pipe, seamless according to API.5L,GrB. Dimension to ANSI, B36.10.Elastomer sealing rings, coating material are suitable to fulfill gas distribution use .polyethylene pipe are PE-80, SDR-11 black color .Marking , testing and packing are in accordance with API and N.I.G.C specification.

Steel Fittings:

size:3/8' , 1/2" , 3/4", 1" , 1 1/2" , 2" , Length:2, 3, 4 (in) Nipple line pipe carbon steel GrB.seamless . Materials:Electric furnace,open hearth or basic oxygen steel to API,5L,GrB or ASTM, A106 GrB . Wallthickness to ANSI, B36.10 Schedule 40,80,... Screwed ends according to API line pipe, N.P.T. Marking ,testing, packing according to API regulation order.


Ductile Fittings:

Ductile cast iron fittings are cast according to BS 2789. Manufactured to API.5.B.


Since Ductility of pieces are based on nodular graphite (G.G.G.) and tensile strength (G.G.G.40), so metalography tests are our first effort to ensure the structure of product are predominantly ferritic.Shop tests include sounds,machining chip, smell are our next try to make sure all pieces mechanical property are checked properly.

All pieces are test by the application of internal pneumatic pressure of 6 bars . Whilest the fitting is completely immersed in water.

Our ductile fittings are:Elbow, Tee, Coupling, Nipple, Union, Bushes, Swivel ... .




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